Memory is a vital part of our existence.  It keeps us aware of the most important thing about us: our psyche.  It keeps us intact, it constantly reminds us who we are, where we are and to whom we belong.  This is one of the very reasons why we need to take good care of our mental health. 

But no matter how we try, there are instances and situations that can put our memory at risk even without head injury. These are caused by aging, nutritional deficiencies and mental health problems.  We need to know them specifically in order to be aware of their potential risks. Here are five factors that can cause memory loss:

1. Toxins

Toxins are poisons and everybody knows that exposure to large quantities of these is fatal.  Exposure to them in small quantities over the years may not even be noticeable, but it is one of the primary causes of memory loss and concentration problems.

Mercury, lead and aluminum are toxic metals that you unknowingly ingest from time to time.  They are toxic of course, but they are not fatal if consumed in small quantities.  They accumulate in the brain and the major organs of your body.  This will lead to chronic health problems later on.

You can get mercury and lead from water, fish, shellfish and fish oils.  Unlike mercury and lead, aluminum is not a toxic heavy metal, but it can accumulate in your brain cells through the canned foods that you eat or when you use aluminum ware to cook food.

There are other toxic chemicals which can affect your memory.  Among them are drugs and alcohol.  You need to avoid them in order to preserve your memory and concentration.

2. Physical Health Problems

Physical health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and hypothyroidism can contribute to memory loss.  High blood pressure and diabetes can damage the tiny nerves in the brain. Hypothyroidism is glandular problem characterized by low thyroid which can alter the normal activity of the brain.

3. Mental Health Problems

Loss of concentration or memory can also be caused by existing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or lack of sleep.  These conditions could be triggered by physical illness, aging, nutritional problems or exposure to toxins.

4. Aging

Aging is most often blamed for a person's loss of memory and lack of concentration.  Add to it the increased risk of Alzheimer's disease which is one of the leading mental problems among the elderly.

5. Nutritional Deficiency

Nutritional deficiency is one of the leading causes of memory loss and lack of concentration.  Your body needs nutrients to keep you physically and mentally alert.  You should eat healthy foods to sustain your body and brain with the energy they need. 

These are the five common factors that cause memory or concentration loss.  If you or someone you know is suffering from it, you need to know the underlying cause.  This will help to give you or your doctor the right actions to take to protect you from these problems.


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