In a recent report from, there are 106, 180 new cases of colon cancer only in the United States. With that in mind, it is important for us to take necessary measures to protect ourselves from developing this kind of disease. And one of these is by doing regular exercise.

colon is an important organ for waste removal

After reading that you probably wonder “can exercise reduce colon cancer?” We know that it sounds new, but it is actually possible. There are specific types of exercise that can significantly improve your colon health and reduce the risk of cancer.

Keep reading as we reveal the 5 exercises for better colon health.

What is Colon Cancer?

Before we get into the exercise training you will need, let’s first explain what colon cancer is and its symptoms.

Colorectal cancer, commonly known as colon cancer, is a type of cancer that affects the large intestine or the colon. It can affect any part of the colon and can be either benign or malignant.

Symptoms of colon cancer may include the following:

  • Changes in bowel habits such as constipation, diarrhea, or rectal bleeding
  • Abdominal pain or cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss

Colon cancer is usually diagnosed through a combination of tests including endoscopy, imaging studies, biopsy, and stool tests. Treatment for this cancer typically involves surgery to remove the affected portion of the colon, followed by chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy to kill any remaining cancer cells.

Keep in mind that whenever you feel something bad in your body, make sure to visit a health professional. Early detection and treatment are key to successful outcomes and to lower the risk of colon cancer.

Physical activities to reduce colon cancer risk

Exercise is one of the most important ways to combat the risk factors of colon cancer. Physical activity may help to keep you fit and healthy. Combine it with a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, and freedom from stress and you will surely live a long life.

As a matter of fact, moderate to vigorous physical activity is an important aspect of good health — even for people with cancer. Doing this improves circulation and boosts the oxygen supply to your brain and body. It also helps to strengthen your muscles, relieve stress, enhance your resistance to diseases, improve metabolism and increase your stamina and endurance.

There are actually five forms of exercise that can do well to protect your colon from diseases. These are:

1. Walking, Jogging or Running

These exercises help to increase the blood flow of your intestinal tract and improve the performance of your digestive system.

jogging improve blood flow in the intestinal tract

Walking is the mildest level of physical activity and it is recommended for older people. Jogging and running are a form of moderate exercise but they can be a bit hard on the knees. They are recommended for young, athletic people and individuals who are already in good shape.

2. Sit Ups and Crunches

Sit-ups and crunches are abdominal exercises that help to strengthen your core muscles and improve your body’s ability to excrete toxic wastes out of your digestive tract. These wastes are the greatest contributors to colon diseases and they should not stay in your digestive system for long.

3. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and relax the mind and body. It is an exercise that helps to strengthen abdominal muscles, improve their functions and keep it healthy. Some yoga poses that are beneficial to the colon include the headstand, the hero pose, the cobra yoga pose, the inverted staff pose and the crow yoga pose.

4. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a type of aerobic exercise. It requires coordination, balance and endurance as you jump up and down with the rope. It is a great way to get your heart rate up and work on cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, agility and coordination.

The specific benefits that this exercise can bring to the colon are still a matter of discussion. But jumping rope is proven to increase heart rate and improve blood circulation, which in turn, improves the functions of the entire body as a whole system.

Fitness enthusiasts also believe that jumping rope has the ability to cleanse many parts of the digestive system including the colon and the intestinal tract.

5. Trampoline Exercise.

Doing the trampoline exercise helps to strengthen your core muscles and improve the performance of your major organs including the colon. Trampoline jumping is an exercise that you can do for a change.

Colon cancer is the fourth most diagnosed cancer in the world. Protect your body from this disease by doing the above exercises and combining them with a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and sufficient sleep and rest.

Physical activity and cancer: How are they related?

Physical activity plays an important role to prevent colon cancer. We all know that the best way to stay healthy is to take advantage of the benefits of exercise. But not everyone knows that various types of physical activities can have a positive effect on their body organs.

A study has shown that engaging in regular physical activity can help lower risk of developing this type of cancer, as well as other types of cancer. Regular exercise increases blood flow throughout the body and helps to flush out toxins that can lead to cancerous cells.

Regular physical activity is the best way to maintain optimal colon health

Additionally, physical activity was associated with a lowered risk of obesity, which is another factor that contributes to an increased chance of developing colon cancer. Exercise also helps strengthen the immune system, allowing it to fight off any potential threats more effectively.

Regular exercise has been found to reduce inflammation within the body, which can lead to the development of colon cancer. Thus, by including regular physical activity in your daily routine you can significantly reduce your risk of developing this disease.

These are some of the ways to keep your colon healthy. If you liked this blog and want to learn more tips don’t forget to visit our exercise blog posts for energizing lifestyle tips.


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