Stress is not an uncommon thing in the workplace.  Nobody needs it, but it has become a part of our working system.  There is always a certain amount of pressure that pushes us to get things done.

One of the most rewarding experiences that you get after work is to relax.  It is the time where you make yourself free from the pressures and demands of your workplace.  It is a prize that you want to give yourself after devoting your time, talents and effort to your work.  But how can you loosen up after each hectic day of concentration and labor?

Here are five ways to help you relax after work:

1. Debrief your day

You have to understand that your home and office are two different places.  You should end each day in the office with the routine of assessing the events of that day.  Take time to evaluate what went right and what did not.  Determine what you need to do the following day, list them down then leave your office and your work-related thoughts altogether before you go home.

When you are at home and about to leave for work, you also need to do the same as when. This will enable to you to execute what you need to do when you get back after work.

2. Maintain a flexible attitude

As you know, your home and workplace are two different things and each place requires you to exude the kind of attitude that is suited for the place you are in at any given time.  Whatever persona you display at work, you should show it in the office, but you should switch to the real non-working “you” when you go home.

3. Organize what needs to be done at home

One way to free yourself from work related thoughts after work is to organize what you need to do at home while you’re still on your way.  Recall the things that you need to do when you get back, and organize them according to priority.  This will make your time at home spent wisely.  This can also give you more time to relax and rest.

4. Relax with music

Music affects our mood and listening to music is one of the best ways to relax your mind after a day at work.  Make music a part of your daily homecoming routine. Just make sure that the music you listen to on your way home is relaxing and can set you in the mood to unwind.  It can help to shake off the pressures that can cause work related stress.

5. Exercise

Exercise is another way to ease the tension that the demands of work can give you.  It can help to improve your mood, blood circulation and concentration.  It is also an effective stress reliever because it helps to stimulate your mind to release feel good hormones.

Try to find at least 30 minutes for exercise after work at least three times a week.  One way to do it is to take a bus during your exercise days and disembark before you reach your main destination and walk home.  It would also be beneficial to engage in a sport like tennis so that you can exercise to shake off that after-work stress.