Meditation is a personal activity which needs 100 percent of your focus and attention.  It doesn't require a specific frequency, time and place as long as you can be relaxed and there is peace and quiet when you do it.

Concentration is a very important aspect of meditation.  It is the reason why you need to establish the right setting so that you can meditate successfully.  Here are some ways that can help to set your mood for meditation:

1. Eliminate distractions

Meditation is a personal journey to your inner self.  You need to concentrate in order to reach your full meditative state.  You should choose a place which is free from distractions and noise when you meditate. 

Before you begin, turn off or put away other things which can distract you as you meditate, like your phone or your pet dog.  Set your mind free from distracting thoughts. This will help to keep you relaxed.

2. Choose a place where you can relax

You cannot concentrate fully when your body is not at ease.  When you meditate, you should do it in a place where your whole body is relaxed and comfortable.  You can actually meditate anywhere and in any position, but you need to ensure that you will be comfortable as you do it otherwise your focus will not be maximized.

3. Set a goal for yourself

When you meditate, you should know the reason why you're doing it.  In most cases, people meditate to find answers to their current concerns.  It could involve an insight whether you should accept a new job offer or you simply want to find new ways to earn more. 

At other times, people meditate because they want peace of mind, mental clarity or they simply want to get relief from a stressful situation.

These are examples of goals that you have to set for yourself.  Setting a goal will help to give you a measure whether your meditation was a success or not.

4. Listen to relaxing sounds

Listening to relaxing nature or meditation sounds such as the sound of the seashore, forest, gentle rain or mountain stream can help to you in the mood for meditation and make you feel relaxed.

Another technique that has become more popular lately is the use of decorative fountains which produce relaxing sounds.  They can also set you in the right mood for meditation.


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