Meditation is a great way to relax your mind and set it free from the stress of everyday living.  It wouldn't matter where you do it as long as you are comfortable and there is silence.  The most important thing is the presence of peace and tranquility; these will allow you to focus on certain things that can keep you calm.

One of the ways to meditate is through creativity meditation.  This is type of reflection practiced mostly by artists, writers, and creative journalists to get in touch with their creative spirit and to get their creative energy flowing.  This can help to eliminate your creative fears and set you in the spirit to create.   You can do this five-minute exercise before the start of any type of creative work to relax your mind to make it ready for the day ahead.

Here's how you can relieve stress with creativity meditation:

1. Assume a comfortable position

The very first step that you have to take when you meditate is to ensure that there is peace, silence and comfort for your body.  Be comfortable in your position. You can either sit on the floor with your feet crossed underneath you or you can sit on a chair with both your feet firmly planted on the floor.  Place both hands on your knees with your palms facing up and keep your body erect.  Now close your eyes and start to focus on your breathing. 

As a beginner, you will have a hard time controlling your mind as it jumps from one thought to another.  Just strive to focus on your breathing and practice constantly.  This will make it easier for you to learn to meditate.

2. Mountain Meditation

Meditating on majestic mountains is a great way to calm your mind and awaken you creative spirit. 

Start your focus on the overall shape of the mountain then draw nearer to its base where the mountain sits mightily on the ground.  Look up higher to the mountain sides and to its peak that meets the clouds under the blue sky.  Line its slopes with trees that make it green.  Envision a pair of eagles hovering above it.  Enjoy the view that this beautiful work of nature has made.  Your mind will be still as you picture the mountain in your mind.

3. Lake Meditation

Lake meditation is a good alternative especially for people who find mountain meditation an overwhelming experience. 

Lake meditation is an effective way to relax and soothe your mind because of its cool effect on your senses.  Envision a lake and picture its background with trees and wild flowers.  See the lake in its depth and silence.  Imagine the stillness as you witness the waters mirror the hills, the trees, the flowers and the clouds above it.  Listen to the breeze as it blows and creates ripples on the water.

4. Going back to reality

For five minutes, you have allowed your mind to linger in silence and to focus on soothing images that can help to awaken your creative spirit.

Now you have to "wake up" from your meditative state.

Meditation is practiced where there's peace and quiet. But it is usually ended with a loud sharp sound.  This is intended to get you out of your meditative, dreamy feeling after the exercise.

When you do meditate you need to have an alarm clock which is set to sound off after five minutes.  This will bring you back to reality.


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