Your best friend is someone that you have a lifetime relationship with.  He is that someone who is willing to tread on the long road of life with you, and he deserves nothing less than your love and respect. 

He is happy to hear your words of appreciation for his good qualities, but he is also open to accept your flaws and imperfections.  He is wiling to share life lessons and to learn from your shortcomings.  He is someone that you should love and not take for granted, for he is no one else but your own self.

For countless times, you could have neglected yourself to take care of other things and priorities.  As your own best friend, you have to give yourself some nurturing and the feeling of being loved and needed.  These can help to make your life more fulfilling and meaningful.

Here are some of the ways to become your own best friend:

1. Go out on a date with yourself.

Make yourself feel important by going on a date alone.  Sometimes, it's good to go out to a place where no one else is there to tell you where to go and what to do.  Treat yourself to a whole new experience by going to a new place that you've been itching to visit or by treating yourself to a soothing massage, spa or dinner in a fine restaurant.

2. Keep yourself fit and healthy.

One of the best ways to show love for yourself is to keep your body fit and healthy.  Do some daily exercises like walking or jogging to keep yourself energized and resistant to stress and infections.  Eat health-giving foods like fruits and vegetables and abandon bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.  These could be the best things that you can give to yourself everyday.

3. Give yourself daily praises.

Everybody loves to hear praises.  They are priceless words that have the power to bring positive energy.  But if you think that compliments only come from other people, you should think again.  For as your best own best friend, you've got to notice your qualities, like your being smart, good looking and interesting.  A daily dose of praise for the things you love about yourself can surely make you feel better.

4. Focus on your best qualities.

A true friend accepts you for what you are, but he doesn't give much weight to your imperfections.  He focuses on the positive aspects about yourself instead.

As your own best friend, you should focus not on your negative aspects but on the things that you love about yourself instead.    By doing so, you are actually trying to become your own best friend.


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