Loving yourself is the best thing you can ever do to yourself.  It is the act of accepting yourself unconditionally, because you are your own ally.  There's no other person who's going to walk with you through life but your own self.

Remember, people can change, and most of them are only willing to go with you when they can benefit from it.  But when times are tough and life goes uphill, there's a big chance that you will walk with no one but yourself.  You should love yourself for who you are no matter what it takes.

Self-love can be learned in many ways.  We learn our first lessons of self-love from our family.  The way we are loved as children often determine the way we love ourselves as grown ups.  People who were criticized, abused or neglected when they were children have a hard time loving themselves. 

More often than not, parents and family are the ones that create little monsters out of their own children.  This is one of the reasons why there are plenty of misshapen personalities in the world today.

Despite these, hope is not lost because we can change – to realize our self-worth, to claim our rightful place in this world and to love ourselves for who we are.  We can actually learn to love ourselves and there are four ways to do it.  These are:

1. Speaking Out

Honor your needs and feelings by letting other people know your needs, hopes and aspirations as an individual.  Win other people's respect by telling them what makes you happy and what makes you angry or disappointed.  Your needs are not different from other people's needs.  Show love for yourself by honoring and expressing them in the presence of other people.

2. Acting Out

Show love for yourself by acting in accordance with your beliefs, values, and principles.  Action begets change.  You should not wallow in the belief that you are what makes other people happy.  Your mission in life is not to please others but to love and to do good to yourself in the first place.

Change can happen f you can pinpoint the things that you need to alter or transform in your life.  Write them down and formulate the things that you will do to change them, and implement them accordingly, little by little until you can master the act and it becomes spontaneous. 

After you make the change, you need to evaluate how you feel about it.  If you feel that something just doesn't feel right, you need to make adjustments in your goals.

3. Clearing Out

Life is a journey and you don't need much of a burden to do it.  Past hurts and unpleasant experiences are burdens that can slow you down.  Some of them can become clutter that can occupy your space, energy and thoughts. 

Clear yourself from these for they are the origins of negative energy, mental fatigue and emotional burdens.  To do this, you need to make a list of the areas that you need to clear out, beginning from the most important to the least important ones.

4. Setting Out

Setting out refers to the journey that you need to make to follow your dreams, to do the things you love, and to pursue your passions.  It's not about doing things to please other people.  It's about setting your goals and choosing the path that can give your life a greater meaning. 

Loving yourself is doing what you love and loving what you do.  It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.


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