Humility is virtue.  It is a quality that makes a person free from false pride and arrogance.  It refers to a person's acknowledgment of his own imperfections. 

You don't have to look down at yourself to be humble.  It doesn't require you to act like a slave and look up at others as your masters.  You don't need to criticize or portray yourself as a miserable pitiful creature in order to be seen as a humble person. 

Humility is simply the absence of a sense of ego.  It is about detaching your self-worth from your surrounding circumstances, possessions, accomplishments, and other things.  Its essential elements include qualities like kindness, patience, and gratitude.  It is a person's ability to look at and treat others as his equal despite his accomplishments and status in society.  It makes a person prudent enough not to be overwhelmed by his own sense of self-importance.

People love humble individuals, but only a few possess humility in character.
Here are some pointers that can help you to practice humility:

1. Recognize your qualities and be grateful for them.

Each individual is endowed with qualities and assets that make him unique and different from the others.  Your assets such as your looks, intelligence, charm and other qualities are special gifts.  You have them because they are given to you, you did not work to have them.  This is something that you should be grateful for and not boast about. 

You should also be thankful for the challenges and shortcomings that come your way.  They had given you important lessons and made you learn and continue to grow as a person.

2. Be teachable.

Life is a learning experience from beginning to end.  A humble person should be willing to learn from others no matter what his rank or status in society is.  By being teachable, you are acknowledging your imperfections and you admit that someone is better than you on that particular subject.

3. Always do your best at anything without expecting a reward.

When you commit to do something for someone, always give it your best shot but do not expect to be rewarded for it.  The person who asks you to do it chooses you because he has faith in your ability.  Even the job that you have is an indication of your employer's trust in you.  Trust is an honor that you should be thankful for.

4. Practice kindness anonymously.

Practicing kindness without shouting to the world what you have done is a sign of true humility.  It is an act of showing that your desire to help is bigger than your sense of self-importance.

Humbleness is such a difficult virtue to practice because pride and vanity are all around us. 

But despite this, it is still good to try to practice being humble because it is one attribute that makes people find a true gem in you.


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