Massage is the process of rubbing or kneading the joints and muscles of the body with the hands to relieve tension or pain. A therapeutic massage for back pain is a very soothing method that has been practiced all over the world for centuries. It is loved by many people due to its effectivity that brings long-lasting relief.

Relaxation massage is the remedy to ease back pain.

Modern massage is classified into two types, relaxation massage and therapeutic massage. Relaxation massage is the one given in spas, beauty parlors and barber shops while therapeutic massage is the type that is intended to relieve pains in the body.

In therapeutic massage, there are four popular techniques that can help to relieve back pain. These are:

1. The Whole Hand Massage

Back pain is a common problem for anyone reaching adult age. Whether it’s for lower back pain or chronic pain, this massage is one of the effective ways to target trigger points in the body.

The whole hand massage involves the use of the therapist’s whole hands in doing smooth rhythmic strokes in the affected areas, especially the back. The whole process is done with the use of moderate massage oil. The massage is done with the therapist’s hand making a circling motion that starts from the lower back and goes up to the nape area, then back to the lower back region. The process usually lasts for five to 10 minutes.

2. The Heel of the Hand Massage

Looking for a recommended massage for chronic low back pain? Then this massage may help answer your needs!

As its name implies, this process involves the heel of the hands and this is applied with the use of both hands that move in circles starting from the lower back to the upper back region. In applying this massage, the hand moves in an outward, upward direction that ends at the center of an imaginary circle. The process lasts for about five minutes or until the masseur reaches the upper back area.

3. The Reinforced Fingers Massage

This massage for pain relief is perfect for people who want to improve their circulation and flexibility. Additionally, reinforced finger massage is also great for people who suffer from carpal tunnel or other repetitive motion injuries. Simply put, if you need help reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation in the hands and wrists, then you may want to include this massage.

The reinforced fingers massage is done with one hand on top of the other and it involves the application of deep and small pressure. It is usually started at the right side, in which the therapist will push the flats of his fingers from the side of the patient and then glide it towards the spinal column. The process usually lasts for five minutes and it starts from the lower back and ends in the upper back region.

4. The Reinforced Thumb Stripping

If you suffer from chronic thumb pain, then the Reinforced Thumb Stripping may be for you. This simple, yet effective treatment can provide relief from pain and inflammation caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Reinforced Thumb Stripping is a safe and non-invasive procedure that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a small strip of adhesive tape and two thumbtacks. Simply attach the tape to your thumb, making sure that the thumbtack is placed in the center of the strip. Then, gently pull on the strip, stripping away any dead or damaged tissue. Repeat this process until the pain subsides.

However, we still recommend reaching out to a therapist to perform this massage. The reinforced thumb stripping involves the use of both hands along the muscles at the side of the spine and its starts from the lower back to the back of the neck where pressure is reduced to avoid inflicting pain on the patient.

The gliding movements are slow and deliberate which can ease muscles in the lower back. The process is done three times and it is often applied alternately with any of the three other massage techniques.

These are the four popular types of therapeutic massage. They can help to provide relief to your aching body if they are performed by skilled and experienced hands. Avoid further pain by always making sure that your therapist has the skill and knowledge to perform it before taking one.

What causes back pain?

With the benefits of massage, there are unending ways how to relieve back pain. But there is another way to prevent and treat back pain. What is it? Essentially, you just have to know what causes your back pain.

By knowing what triggers back pain, you can prevent its occurrence in the future. So for patients with acute back pain or even for those casual back pain sufferers, you may want to know this.

Back pain is caused by injury, poor posture or putting too much pressure on your back.

There are many reasons why we might experience back pain. It could be due to an injury, poor posture, or even something as simple as carrying around too much weight. Whatever the cause, back pain can be extremely debilitating and make it difficult to carry out everyday activities.

One of the most common causes of back pain is muscle strain. This can happen when we overuse or injure the muscles in our back. Poor posture is another common cause of back pain, especially if we sit for long periods of time without taking breaks. Carrying around extra weight can also put a strain on our back muscles and lead to pain.

Fortunately, there are a number of things we can do to help relieve back pain. Exercising and stretching the muscles in our back can help to strengthen them and prevent future injuries. Additionally, paying attention to our posture and taking regular breaks throughout the day can help reduce the amount of strain on our back muscles. If you are carrying extra weight, losing even a few pounds can make a big difference in your back pain.

How often should I get a massage for back pain?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the frequency of massages for back pain will vary depending on the individual’s needs. However, it is generally recommended that people get a massage once or twice a week to help manage their back pain.

Five Things to Know about Therapeutic Massage

So are you getting ready for your upcoming massage? Here are a few things you should know and expect in your session!

1. Massage therapy is an ancient healing practice that has been used for centuries to help people relax and heal.

2. Massage therapy can be helpful for a variety of conditions, including muscle pain, tension headaches, and stress.

3. Massage therapy is usually performed by a licensed massage therapist.

4. Massage therapy can be done in a variety of settings, including clinics, hospitals, and even at home.

5. Massage therapy is generally considered safe for most people, but there are some risks involved. Be sure to discuss any concerns with your doctor or massage therapist before starting treatment.

These are some of the things that you should know for your next therapeutic massage. We hope you learned new facts about the benefits of therapeutic massage and finding the right massage therapy for you.

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