Massage is the process of rubbing or kneading the joints and muscles of the body with the hands to relieve tension or pain. It is a very soothing method that has been practiced all over the world for centuries.

Modern massage is classified into two types, the relaxation massage and therapeutic massage. Relaxation massage is the one given in spas, beauty parlors and barber shops while therapeutic massage is the type that is intended to relieve pains in the body.

In therapeutic massage, there are four popular techniques that can help to relieve back pain. These are:

1. The Whole Hand Massage

The whole hand massage involves the use of the therapist’s whole hands in doing smooth rhythmic strokes in the affected areas, especially the back. The whole process is done with the use of moderate massage oil. The massage is done with the therapist’s hand doing a circling motion that starts from the lower back going up to the nape area, then back to the lower back region. The process usually lasts for five to 10 minutes.

2. The Heel of the Hand Massage

As its name implies, this process involves the heel of the hands and this is applied with the use of both hands that move in circles starting from the lower back to the upper back region. In applying this massage, the hand moves in an outward, upward direction that ends at the center of an imaginary circle. The process is lasts for about five minutes or until the masseur reaches the upper back area.

3. The Reinforced Fingers Massage

The reinforced fingers massage is done with one hand on top of the other and it involves the application of deep and small pressure. It is usually started at the right side in which the therapist will push the flats of his fingers from the side of the patient then glide it towards the spinal column. The process usually lasts for five minutes and it starts from the lower back and ends in the upper back region.

4. The Reinforced Thumb Stripping

The reinforced thumb stripping involves the use of both hands along the muscles at the side of the spine and its starts from the lower back to the back of the neck where pressure is reduced to avoid inflicting pain to the patient. The gliding movements are slow and deliberate. The process is done three times and it is often applied alternately with any of the three other massage techniques.

These are the four popular types of therapeutic massage. They can help to provide relief to your aching body if they are performed by skilled and experienced hands. Avoid further pain by always making sure that your therapist has the skill and knowledge to perform it before taking one.