Guilt is an emotion that makes a person carry a constant, deep feeling of responsibility for an offense.  It has the potential to paralyze a person emotionally and make it hard for him to forgive himself and move on.

Guilt is an energy sapper that you need to let go.  Here are some steps can help you to bid goodbye to guilty feelings:

1. Admit your fault.

To let go of guilt, the first thing you need to do is to acknowledge and admit your fault for what happened.  You might have good intentions for what transpired but it wouldn't matter anymore at this point.  The most important decision that you need to make is to admit your part in the situation.

2. Offer apologies to the offended parties.

Your guilt will not go if you won't say sorry to any offended party.  Offer your sincere apologies to the people you have offended.  This is a sign of meekness that almost always earns forgiveness. 

3. Learn from your mistakes.

The best way to treat past mistakes is to consider them as life's lessons that you can learn from.  Remember, anyone can commit mistakes and everyone has committed them at some point in his or her life.

When you learn important lessons from your past faults, you will become a better person.

4. Watch your words and actions.

Make a conscious effort to avoid committing past mistakes again by being watchful of your words and actions.  The most common offense that people commit to others is careless or offensive speech. 

But we can also offend others through our actions, reactions and bad decisions.  These can lead to negative consequences that we often regret later on.

People who don't care about the consequences of what they say or do are the ones who have the capability to hurt others over and over again.  And they will carry their guilt for a lifetime.

The secret of letting go of guilt is to seek forgiveness, to learn from past mistakes, and to consciously refrain from committing the same mistakes again.


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