No one is going to argue if you assert that regular exercise is one of the best ways to maintain or improve health.  People from all walks of life appreciate exercise as an important aspect of health and well-being, but not all have the will to do it.  It is one of the reasons why many people today are living sedentary lifestyles.

Lack of exercise is one of the main contributors of the increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, strokes and other health problems.  With the abundance of processed foods and sugary drinks, our risk for developing these diseases is increasing and we need to do something about it to preserve our health.

Engaging in regular outdoor exercises is one of the best ways to counter these risks.  Couple it with avoidance from processed foods and you are on your way to healthy living.

Here are some of the health benefits of outdoor exercises:

1. It helps you to see and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Running on a treadmill can have the same effects jogging outdoors as far as calorie burning is concerned. But it can be boring to be in the same place all the time.  By exercising indoors, you will be missing the sunshine and the calming effect of beautiful scenery.  These can give you a big boost of energy and relief from stress.

2. It creates excitement.

There are many types of outdoor exercises that you can do for a change and to spark excitement in your activity.  These include jogging, bicycling, hiking, and swimming.  Exercising outdoors does not only exercise you physically, it also stimulates your mind with the sights that you see along the way.  It actually makes you feel closer to nature and it makes you more motivated to exercise more outdoors.

3. It allows you to breathe in fresh air.

We are a work of nature and we need natural fresh air to cleanse our lungs and energize our body and brain cells with clean oxygen.  This can help to keep us physically and mentally alert.  This can help to make us ready for the day’s activities.

4. It is cost-effective.

Outdoor exercises don’t require you to pay fees and membership charges.  You can also engage in it without using any complex equipment which means additional expense.

With just a pair of quality running shoes, you can already start to engage in an outdoor exercise routine.

Aside from boredom, another reason why people shy away from indoor exercises is the fact that they involve high membership charges.

Engaging in outdoor exercises is a practical approach to health and well-being.  Being practical involves getting more benefits at a lesser or no cost.


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