Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a serious problem that millions of men around the world want to get rid of.  It refers to a man’s inability to maintain an erection long enough to enable him to engage in sex.

Medical science has not classified impotence as a disease but they consider it as an indication of underlying factors which can be biological or psychological.  These factors include depression, stress, anxiety, diabetes, alcoholism, hormonal imbalance and many more.

The use of herbs as a means to treat impotence has been practiced all over the world for ages.  Even today, many men prefer to use herbs and herbal supplements to improve their sex drive because they are safer than pharmaceutical products.

For a long time, people in the medical field believed that impotence is caused mainly by psychological factors.  But recent studies confirm that impotence is caused mostly by biological factors.  The belief that herbs can help to boost libido has some medical foundation behind them, the study reveals.

Medicinal herbs which contain properties that help to calm the nerves, increase blood flow to the penis and improve circulation are believed to be effective in treating impotence.  They can be beneficial when taken as supplements and as a part of a holistic approach to alleviate the disorder.

Here are some of the most popular herbs that people use to treat impotence:

1. Ginkgo Biloba

This herb is widely known for its ability to treat people with memory and concentration difficulties.  But it also contains properties that help to treat erectile dysfunction.  It helps to improve circulation, sensitivity and stamina, but it does not cause an increase in your blood pressure.

Traditional Chinese medicine has recognized ginkgo as an effective treatment for impotence and other sexual function disorders.  It is known to work well with individuals who are suffering from poor circulation due to anti-depressant use.

2. Yohimbe

It is a psychoactive plant that originated in Africa.  It is one of the most popular herbs that people use to treat erectile dysfunction.  It contains yohimbine, an alkaloid that has both stimulant and aphrodisiac effects.

Even though yohimbe is available over the counter, it should be taken with the supervision of a health professional.  This herb carries many serious side effects including nausea, insomnia, nervousness and increased heart rate.

3. Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng is a Chinese herb which is often used for its ability to improve physical and mental alertness.  It is also found to increase libido and sperm count.  This herb can also help to reduce fatigue which can contribute to impotence.

There are no risks associated with Panax ginseng for it is generally safe, but because of its stimulant properties, taking large amounts might lead to insomnia and irritability.  You should also avoid combining this herb with caffeine as it might cause over-stimulation.

4. Muira Puama

This is a Brazilian shrub which is known in South America as the best for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  South Americans have used it as an aphrodisiac for centuries.


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