Man has been using herbs for thousands of years.  Even in these modern times of advance medical science, the healing power of herbs is still greatly acknowledged and appreciated.

One of the reasons for man’s continued patronage of healing herbs is its being natural.  Many people feel safe using products of nature.  These herbs are even made into teas so that their regular drinkers can enjoy their health-giving properties.

Here are four herbal teas which are beneficial to your health:

1. Peppermint Tea and Chamomile Tea

Peppermint tea is a popular evening tea for its healing properties.  It is especially recommended for people who are suffering from nausea and upset stomach.  This tea also helps to provide relief from fatigue, sinusitis, spasms, and gas pains.

Chamomile tea is a stress buster.  It’s soothing and calming effect helps to make people relax.

2. Umeboshi Tea and White Radish Tea

Umeboshi tea is not very popular yet its healing properties cannot be underestimated.  Its health benefits include relief from gas pains and digestion problems, and treatment of stomach cramps and sea-sickness.  It is also used as an alternative remedy for hangover.

White radish tea or daikon is another health-giving beverage that contains properties that help your body in combating infections and fever, discharging excess fluid and promoting weight loss.

It is also capable of removing animal protein and regulating blood sugar levels.  This in turn helps to improve your mood to enable you to perform better at whatever you do.

We already know that the popular teas that we drink such as green tea, black tea and other teas that are made from the camelia plant are very beneficial to our health.  They are known to carry energizing and healing properties which can heal and prevent diseases that can damage the major organs of the body.

But there are less popular teas that can also help to energize you and protect you from stress, infections and diseases.  These are herbal teas which are derived from medicinal plants.

You cannot underestimate the capability of herbal teas to provide health benefits.  These teas are derived from medicinal plants.  These are the plants that man has depended on for healing and protection for hundreds of centuries.