Bad breath is an energy sapper, a stealer of self confidence and a source of embarrassment. You need to do something about it to stop people from making you the subject of gossip when you’re not around.

Here are four easy ways that can help you fight bad breath:

1. Observe proper oral hygiene

Bad breath is often caused by improper oral hygiene.  Your mouth is home to plenty of bacteria which are one of the main causes of bad breath.  Food particles which are left in the mouth also contribute to the unpleasant smell.  This is the reason why you need to clean your mouth thoroughly by brushing your teeth three times a day and flossing them at least once daily.  You also need to brush your tongue to get rid of more bacteria that flourish on it.

2. Chew gum

Chew sugarless gum once in a while to stimulate your salivary glands.  You may not believe it, but your saliva is your best bad breath fighter.  Aside from its ability to wash out bacteria, it also contains antiseptic enzymes that kill bacteria.

According to a recent study, sugarless cinnamon flavored gums are one of the best gums to induce salivation and decrease bad breath causing bacteria in your mouth.

3. Eat a little bread

This is for dieters who are avoiding carbohydrates in their meals.  Avoiding carbohydrates can cause “ketone breath,” a type of bad breath common to dieters.  It happens when your body begins to use fat for fuel.  It also produces ketones which help fuel your brain due to the limited supply of carbohydrates in your body.

If you are on a ketone diet, you can address this problem by chewing gum or by adding a few carbohydrates to your daily diet.

4. Use an oral irrigator to fully clean your mouth

Toothbrushes don’t have the capability to clean the entire mouth. Oral irrigators are devices which are designed to fully clean your mouth with water jet.

These are the most important steps you need to take to prevent bad breath.  If it persists, you should see your dentist to pinpoint the cause of that unpleasant oral smell.  If your dentist doesn’t find any cause for your problem, you should see your doctor, for your bad breath might be an indication of a larger health problem.