If you are interested to join a yoga class, finding a good yoga teacher can be one of your primary tasks.  Yoga is a discipline that works to unite your mind, body and spirit.  It involves mastery of breathing, concentration and specific yoga poses which can’t be done without the assistance of a competent mentor.

In this article, we will identify four of the basic qualities of a good yoga teacher.  You should know them in order to pick the right one for you.

1. Communication

A good yoga teacher should be able to establish an open line of communication with his students.  It does not only involve giving away of instructions but their manner when they talk to you.  A good yoga teacher talks to his students with respect to get respect in return.

He should also show compassion to his students and lead them through guided meditation and relaxation – these are two of the most important aspects of yoga.

2. Assistance

A good yoga teacher should be concerned about your form when you perform yoga poses.  He should be willing to offer assistance through verbal and physical guidance during your yoga classes.

3. Listening

A good yoga teacher takes time to listen to his students’ feedback.  He is always ready to give answers to their questions and his mind is focused on the well-being and learning of his students.

A yoga teacher that seems to run a show about his yoga prowess is not a competent one.  You will not learn anything from him. Instead, he will put you and the other students at risk for trying to keep with him.

4. Modification

A good yoga teacher should be flexible and open-minded.  He should allow his students to include modifications and props in their practice.  People have different sets of capabilities and limitations, and there are individuals who might need props for life because of their limitations.

If a yoga teacher can perform a yoga pose without props, it doesn’t mean that every one of his students can.  If you happen to join a yoga class that discourages props, you need to go somewhere else because you are in the wrong place.

These are the four most basic qualities that you need to look for in a good yoga teacher.  You should make sure that your yoga teacher has these attributes; these can help to make your yoga learning a worthwhile experience.