If we are trying to learn new things, we often see them as complicated and baffling, and one of the ways we do to know more about them is to gather information by asking people who know something about those things.

Meditation is one of the things that many people want to know more about, but since it is not as common as exercise, only a few people have good knowledge about it.

First of all, meditation refers to the practice of concentrated focus upon the breath, an object, a sound, or visualization in order to increase a person’s awareness of the present moment. It is a technique that is intended to promote relaxation of the mind and body, reduce stress, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

As a beginner, you need to know some easy meditation techniques that can help you in your journey to self-awareness. Here are three of them:

1. Breathing Meditation

This type of meditation requires you to focus on your breathing. You have to do it by being aware of the sensations as the air passes through your nostrils then to your wind pipe until it fills your lungs with air.

As your lungs are filled with oxygen, hold your breath for a moment then exhale slowly and notice your feeling as the air slowly exits your body through your nostril. Visualize the impurities and and toxins leaving your body as you breathe out.

There is a number of breathing meditation aids that can help to take your meditation to a higher level, but for a start, you may just practice with this simple approach; it can help to condition your mind to focus.

2. Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is a simple meditation that you can do while walking. You can perform other meditations with eyes closed, but with walking meditation, you have to keep them open because you need them to see where you’re going, and to enable you to internalize what you see as you walk.

You can do your walking meditation anywhere. It could be a park, countryside, or a busy street; it doesn’t really matter as long as you can focus and feel the experience. The objective of this meditation is to make you feel the sensations as you walk. Take notice of the ground or pavement as your feet touch them. Feel its effects on the other parts of your body.

You also need to take notice of the things you see and hear as you walk. We have been walking all our lives that we tend to ignore the things around us. These are the things that make the world beautiful, and we need to acknowledge them for it. Meditating while walking can make you feel closer to the earth.

3. Binaural Beats Meditation

Binaural meditation is designed for people who want to enter into a meditative state easily. It usually requires you to wear headphones because you will be made to listen to binaural beats to take you to a meditative state. It takes years of practice to go into deep meditative levels, but with binaural beats meditation, it can be achieved by listening to specially recorded binaural beats. This technique would be ideal for people who have less time to learn other meditation techniques.

These are some of the most simple meditation techniques for beginners.