If you are new to meditation, you might wonder how people do it, or what methods they use to achieve inner peace and relaxation of the mind and body.

To begin with, there are actually two major forms of meditation that people use to attain calmness of the mind, body and spirit. These are:

1. Meditation on the Breath

Meditation on the breath is a simple method that anyone can do. It simply requires you to focus on your breath. You can perform this meditation with the traditional sitting posture or any other position as long as you are comfortable. You can also incorporate it with other types of meditation that require movement, like walking meditation.

In walking meditation, you can meditate on your breath by establishing a rhythmic pattern. By taking two steps for each inhalation and another two paces for each exhalation, you will be able to keep yourself aware of the present moment.

Meditate on your breath by focusing your mind to your breathing. You need to be aware of the sensation as air passes through your nostrils and into your lungs as you inhale, and as air leaves your lungs as it goes out into your nostril as you exhale.

Paying attention to your breathing helps to keep you away from rambling thoughts. It also helps to improve the oxygen supply of your brain and body, and it enables you to experience inner peace and calmness of the mind.

Your breath is the tie that connects you to your mind, body and emotions. Practice rhythmic breathing when you are upset, confused, or tense, and it will give you a sense of relief.

2. Meditation with the Use of a Mantra

Mantras are sounds, words, vibrations or statements that are repeated to stimulate the mind and body to go into a meditative state. These sounds, which are also known to generate feelings of serenity, include Om, Om Shanti, Om reveal, Hari Om, Peace, harmony, and love.

Meditation with the use of mantra also involves the use of prayer beads to keep you on track of your mantra-pronouncing task as each bead represents one manta or prayer.

When choosing a mantra, pick one that makes you feel at ease as it can help to stimulate your mind to focus.

These are the two methods of meditation that you can use for inner peace and relaxation of your body and mind.