People say that “hard work” is one of the most important factors in achieving success in life. However, most people overlook the fact that success is not simply the result of hard work alone.

Think of it this way: there are many hard-working people, but not everyone would even consider themselves successful. Some are even struggling to get through with their everyday life. 

But this does not mean that hard work is meaningless. Hard work is indeed the starting point for anyone wanting to be successful. 

Success does not only comes with hard work but also perseverance

So what are we trying to tell you? Well, it’s pretty simple – that success is not the only thing that matters to succeed. You must be creative, innovative, consistent, determined and, of course, persevere.  

Perseverance is one of the many characteristics that successful people have that makes them winners in life. With their perseverance, they could get through many difficulties in their life and pave the way for opportunities to open for them. 

Keep reading to learn more about simple and helpful ways to increase perseverance.

Perseverance is one of the secret ingredients to success

Every successful person has their secret that brought them to where they are right now. Although we have different definitions of success, each of us wants to achieve it no matter what. To make our definition of success happen, we should make it a point to develop perseverance as a skill. 

Why is perseverance an important thing for you and anyone? 

Failure and difficulties are an inevitable part of our lives. Perseverance is a much-needed skill to pick ourselves back up and keep ourselves on track whenever things don’t go the way we want. 

Remember that success is not like a ladder that will take you straight to the top. It is packed with tons of failures and disappointments that you will feel like giving up at times. During this time, you should use your perseverance skill to learn from this experience and try again to make things work out. 

When you are at your lowest, persevere, be conventional, creative, and, most importantly, persistent in the pursuit of your dreams.

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is a trait instilled in each and every one of us. It is our natural strength that provides us with the drive and motivation to overcome difficult obstacles we face. 

In addition, although we all share this characteristic, not everyone shares the same intensity that is needed to achieve their goals. 

For example, some people will eventually give up when confronted with constant struggle. While others in a similar situation will be persistent and find another route, they will continue to struggle until they reach the finish line. Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why many believe that you can only enjoy success when you have worked really hard to earn it.

Remember that perseverance does not follow a straight line. When faced with challenges, being able to persevere means being able to bounce back. Find more creative and strategic ways to proceed and achieve what they truly desire.

Persistence through the lens of psychology

According to Positive Psychology, they described perseverance as an “ability” to “stick with our tasks, goals and passion. This entails effort, practice, and drive to learn from failure and rise back to try again. 

We understand the persistence of our efforts to achieve our goals by continuing our efforts. It embodies the purpose and aim-oriented behavior that require long-lasting effort and discipline. 

In fact, perseverance is also motivated, not only by our urge to reach success but also by our passion. Nevertheless, persistence is different in nature, as are motivational and deterministic traits, but it contains elements of both. 

According to a study, people who are able to persevere are those who want to achieve a more sustainable future. As a result, rather than pursuing the short joys of life, they are willing to wait for an extended period of time until their perseverance bears its fruit.

In addition, if there is one thing that makes perseverance possible, it is a person’s commitment. People who are committed are also those who are willing to push through and overcome adversity when confronted with difficulties.

The link between perseverance and resilience

Relationships between resilience and grit are crucial. These two abilities that we have always gone together and cannot be separated.

What do we mean by this? Well, it’s actually pretty obvious if you will think of it a bit more.

Perseverance and resiliency goes together to keep us moving forward

When we talk about resilience, we often associate it with perseverance. Resiliency reflects a person’s ability to cope with difficulties. As resilient as we are, the sooner our ability to return to our former self-reliance increases. Because being resilient refers to our ability to deal with and overcome obstacles.

So, let’s say you’ve decided to start a business and expect to make much more than you invested after 3-5 years. Unfortunately, your business continued to decline after those years, and you were unable to recover your investment.

As a resilient person, instead of blaming yourself for what happened, you choose to learn from it and move on. You simply stop dwelling on what occurred and take one foot forward.

That’s how we should stop focusing so much on self-pity and sabotaging thoughts. This is where perseverance skills come into play. Similarly, perseverance is a strong factor that helps us learn from failure.  

You move on and try again after that failure. You keep trying until everything works. Perseverance and resilience are our means of overcoming failure and learning from it to start over

Persevere and learn from failure: Here are the 10 ways to improve your perseverance

Perseverance refers to a person’s steadfastness or persistence in doing something despite obstacles that make success more difficult to achieve.

Perseverance is a virtue that requires great physical, mental and emotional energy. You need to be strong to exude it. In this world where everything is almost always a test, you need a high level of perseverance in order to beat the odds.

Moving forward, here are 10 ways to increase your perseverance:

1. Be independent. Take responsibility for yourself.

There is no specific guide on what being independent should look like. But clearly, independence is not about being alone. 

Life involves a certain degree of risk-taking and you have to take them to realize your dreams. Being independent does not mean that you have to do things all on your own. It simply means that you should be mature enough to take responsibility for your actions. 

According to PsychCentral, when you become independent, learning how to be independent opens discovery about yourself. If you become independent, you get to enjoy improvements in your confidence and become less dependent on other people. 

Don’t be overly concerned about other people’s opinions, as these might cause you to lose your drive to persevere. Be in the company of people who support your goals and are happy with your achievements.

Life involves a certain degree of risk-taking and you have to take them to realize your dreams. Don’t be overly concerned about other people’s opinions, as these might cause you to lose your drive to persevere. Be in the company of people who support your goals and are happy with your achievements.

2. Seek positive reinforcement.

You have to select positive reinforcement by choice.  

When you read books, watch movies, and other media, choose the ones with uplifting themes. These habits are not meant to distract you. Keep in mind that it should help you gather more positive and meaningful insights about different aspects of life. 

Spending quality time relaxes the mind to help you think clearer

You can also try to spend quality time with your family member and friends. During the times that you are down, having someone to talk with helps improve your mood. Not only does it uplifts you, but it is also one way to keep you physically and mentally healthy

As much as possible, don’t allow negative messaging to bring you down.

3. Live Healthy.

To live a healthy lifestyle, you must first change your way of life. Avoid bad habits and seek out habits that will benefit your personal development.

A lifestyle change is an important part of improving perseverance because it requires consistency, patience, and effort. After all, you must do it on a daily basis until it becomes a part of your daily life. This is one of the many reasons why a lifestyle change is an excellent starting point for practicing your perseverance.

Take good care of yourself and live a healthy life. Energy and stamina are important components of perseverance. They play an important role in giving you focus, resilience, optimism and self-confidence to attain your goals.

4. Seek the real truth, not what others think is true.

Perseverance is about you learning from your own past mistakes – and sometimes from other people’s mistakes too. 

You must base it on reality and take responsibility for it to make effective decisions. You cannot base your decisions on what other people think. Seeking the truth is also an effective way to nourish your personal values and grow.

Decision-making is not a popularity contest and it should be grounded on reality and truth. You can nourish your will to persevere by seeking the truth. Once you are able to find the truth, you empower yourselves to make mature and well-grounded decisions over the course of your life.

5. Seek advice from reliable sources.

One of the best formulas for success is to seek the advice of successful people in the field you want to join. Lessons learned from other people’s experiences help to point you in the right direction and avoid potential obstacles.

Expand your knowledge from other people's point of view

This is one of the best ways to shorten the gap between perseverance and achievement. Their mistakes will help you avoid repeating them yourself and the methods they used to succeed are important tools you can use to attain the success you seek.

If you want to climb Mount Everest, your best source of advice should come from someone who has done it.

6. Identify counterproductive habits or thoughts you would like to stop.

Habits are hard to break, but doing so can be a rewarding start and an achievement for you. 

Hanging on to habits or thoughts that no longer serve you can make you unproductive and make you lose your ability to persevere. These habits include dwelling in the past, looking at yourself as a victim or worrying unnecessarily about things that aren’t sure to happen. 

You should dump these habits and allow yourself to move on, focus on what you can do and don’t be too concerned about moving ahead of your contemporaries. Live the life you want to live and earn what you deserve.

Looking for ways to break these habits? Here are some tips to help you avoid your counterproductive habits:

  • Work hard, but keep in mind that there are times when working smart is preferable.
  • Learn to say “no” to things that aren’t worth your time while saying “yes” to opportunities.
  • Start organizing and prioritizing activities and tasks that are important 
  • Don’t be too pessimistic and hard on yourself
  • Appreciate all the things you accomplished; it’s your small wins

7. Learn to forgive yourself and others.

Everyone makes mistakes; it is completely normal. 

By forgiving yourself for your mistakes and un-doings, you are actually giving yourself peace of mind. Bearing grudges, disappointments and hatred can kill your spirit of perseverance. It wouldn’t matter who the object of your negative emotion is. 

According to Stanford, self-forgiveness promotes physical and emotional well-being, positive attitudes, and healthier relationships. This small act has a significant impact on a person’s success, productivity, and perseverance.

If it’s you or another person, you are still the one who is feeling the pain. You should learn to forgive to move on.

8. Take reasonable risks.

Risks are an important aspect of your life. It makes the obstacles you encounter in your journey more challenging.

Risks are there to make you a better and stronger version of yourself

Taking a reasonable risk can help the progress of improving perseverance. When you take risks, you are also expecting to get a reward. Running away from them only makes it a lot harder for your will to persist in the face of obstacles and make

Consider risk as a means of advancement. The more risks you are willing to take, the better and stronger you mentally become.

Furthermore, taking risks allows you to develop not only your perseverance but also your confidence and self-assertiveness. This provides you with a motivational boost whenever you face failure.

9. Be around people who are supportive of your aspirations.

When you choose to be surrounded by people who are happy to support your cause and glad to celebrate your achievements, you are raising your will to persevere. Knowing that there are people behind you in whatever endeavor makes you strong and willing to take chances.

You can push your negative thoughts away, but having a support system to stay motivated will keep you strong during tough times. Keep in mind that many things in life become better when you have people who always have your back.

10. Don’t quit.

Not giving up is one of the most important aspects of improving your perseverance. If you are just going to quit, planning or setting goals will be meaningless and make no difference.

Never stop trying to do what you are passionate about, do it every day. Master it without being too concerned about what others think or say. Challenges are only difficult from the start, but it becomes easier the more you get used to them.

The world owes the power of electricity to Thomas Edison, the man who persevered and persisted despite trying and failing a thousand times. He’s a man who stood for what he believed in.

Perseverance is the insurance policy and common denominator for success. So powerful is perseverance that failure cannot exist in its presence.

Perseverance turns your goals into reality

Everyone has the ability to persevere, but not everyone is willing to put in the effort to do so. Remember that perseverance not only makes people successful but also makes you a winner in life.

Perseverance frees you from the fear of failure

Let perseverance keep your goals alive and your dreams real. Make it a part of your life. Browse through our mind booster blogs to know more on how to improve your everyday lifestyle.


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