Having a balanced self could mean near-perfection. It is the presence of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual values put together in one package and given to an individual to live with.

A person with a balanced self exudes sanity, objectivity, neutrality, open-mindedness, fairness and respect for everyone without regard to his or her status in life or society. 

But the hardships of life, our ambitions, our painful experiences and our human frailties makes it difficult for us to achieve a balanced self.  Greed, for one can already alienate us from it.

We need to aspire for a balanced self no matter how hard it could be.  It is the only thing that can make us whole as individuals.

Here are some principles that can help you to achieve a balanced self:

1. Live life in moderation and avoid extremes.  Anything taken in excess is poison.

2. Meet life's tests and challenges with composure and calmness.  Remain humble even in the midst of triumph and success.  Be persistent and don't be easily discouraged by opposition.  Success is sometimes measured by your will and desire to overcome them.

3. Have a balanced state of mind and aim for real and attainable ideals.  Live and enjoy the present moment, it's the only way to savor the times of your life.

4. Be mature and look at situations from a grown-up's perspective.  Don't be ashamed to live a simple life.

5. Act on your dreams.  It's the only way to realize them.  Let your inner self inspire you to reach your goals. Don't be taunted by what other people say.  It's not your duty to please them.

6. Guard yourself against sudden outbursts of emotion and do not jump into conclusions.  Forego your action until you can calmly and fairly balance all the factors involved.

6. Be resilient and have an open mind to change.  Remember that change is the only thing that has the ability to bring progress.  Be flexible like a tree that bends with the wind without breaking.

7. Believe in the healing power of prayer and relaxation.  It can help to renew your energy and creative power to accomplish the task that you have in the present.

8. Work and play, love and worship. You have to live with all these; they are part of a balanced life.

9. Spend time with yourself.  Solitude and silence is the key to unite your body, mind and spirit.  Thank yourself for all your achievements.  Forgive yourself for your mistakes.  Count your blessings.  This will inspire and energize you to accomplish your unfinished goals and objectives.

10. Smile or laugh for every good reason.  Strive to live a happy life.


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