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Health Risks of Food Preservatives

Food preservatives are used to prevent food from getting spoiled due to bacteria, molds, yeasts, and other organisms. But aside from their ability to prolong the useful life of foods, they also contain components that can cause adverse effects on your health. Here are some of the health risks of food preservatives: 1. Allergic Reactions. [...]

Health Risks of High Salt Intake

Salt has many important uses in the body, but excessive amounts of this chemical compound in the body can negatively affect its functions and overall health. Your body requires no more then 2,000 mg of salt per day. If you happen to consume more than this amount, your normal body functions may be affected. It [...]

Health Risks of Eating Fatty Foods

Eating foods that are high in fats is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in America. It is one of the contributors to the 300,000 Americans deaths that occur due to poor diets. High-fat foods which include fried foods, butter, poultry products, red meats, sweets, and whole milk products are the number one [...]

The Health risks of Excessive Coffee Drinking

Coffee is a brewed beverage that has a distinct aroma and flavor of roasted coffee beans. It is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Its most active component is caffeine, a stimulant that affects the central nervous system, the heart, the kidneys and the metabolic functions of the body. Coffee has some [...]

Top 4 Indications of Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamins are very important elements that your body needs to keep you healthy, energized, vibrant and protected from diseases. You eat to obtain these essential substances, but if you are not aware of the vitamin and mineral contents of your food intake, you might end up with certain vitamin deficiencies which could affect your health [...]

Health Risks of Secondhand Smoke

Second hand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke refers to the smoke emitted by the burning end of a cigar, cigarette or pipe and inhaled unintentionally by nonsmokers. It can also refer to the smoke exhaled by a smoking person and inhaled by another person who does not smoke. Second hand smoke, environmental smoke or passive [...]

Health Risks of Vitamin B Complex Overdose

B complex vitamins are important nutrients that your body needs for health and energy. They are generally safe and they can not easily cause side effects because they are water soluble and your body flushes them out through urine if you happen to take them in excess. But since they are not regulated by the [...]

The Negative Effects of Depression

Depression is a condition which is characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness, fatigue, irritability, and difficulty to concentrate. It has a devastating impact on a person’s life, and it has a potential to destroy careers, families, and relationships. One of the best known treatments for depression is through therapy and medication. People can suffer from [...]

The Health Risks of Aluminum Exposure

Aluminum is one of the most abundant chemical elements in the world. It makes up eight percent of the earth’s surface. It is found in the soil, water, air and in plenty of food sources. It is also the most widely used non-ferrous metal on earth, and it is present in industrial products like automobiles, [...]

The Adverse Effects of Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the major contributors of fatigue, loss of resistance, poor concentration and bad mood. But these are just the the immediate effects of not sleeping enough, for it carries a lot of health risks. Here are some of the adverse health effects of lack of sleep: 1. It increases the [...]