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6 Exercise Myths that Persist

Exercise is an activity that is capable of giving us plenty of health benefits, but it is also filled with lots of myths that refuse to die. These speculations have already been busted by experts but they just continue to stay on to spoil the notions of many people. Here are some exercise myths that [...]

5 Easy Steps to Make a Smoothie

Taking smoothies is one of the best ways to get the best benefits from fruits and vegetables. It is imperative that everyone should know how to prepare it. It is actually easy to do, and the only things you need are a blender, basic knowledge of fruits and vegetables, willingness to follow recipes and a [...]

Top 7 Foods Rich in Iron

Iron is an essential mineral that your body needs to transport oxygen to all its cells and tissues. A slight deficiency of this mineral can cause anemia which is characterized by paleness, weakness and fatigue. A more severe deficiency can lead to organ failure. We all know that a deficiency of iron or any essential [...]

Health Risks of Eating Fatty Foods

Eating foods that are high in fats is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in America. It is one of the contributors to the 300,000 Americans deaths that occur due to poor diets. High-fat foods which include fried foods, butter, poultry products, red meats, sweets, and whole milk products are the number one [...]

10 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy

The fast and busy world that we live in today can deprive us of our chance to follow an ideal routine that can keep us healthy. We really need to stay fit to enjoy life and the rewards of good health. The thought of spending a part of our lives in the sick bed is [...]

Popular Exercises that Require You to Eat More

For some people, exercising and eating less is a way to burn their excess calorie intake to help them lose weight. While this can be applicable to some forms of physical activities, there are certain exercises which require you to eat more, especially if you are not aiming to shed off excess pounds. If you [...]

How to Maintain a Lifestyle that Helps to Reduce Cancer Risk

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world today. It can affect any part of the human body, and it is responsible for for more than 10 percent of deaths worldwide. The incidence of cancer is increasing. It is because many people are not considering the long-term effects of what they eat or [...]

Spirulina, Papaya and Wheatgrass Smoothies

Like juicing, eating smoothies is one of the best ways to enjoy the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. Their liquefied state enables your body to digest them without expending the energy required to digest them when you eat them as whole fruits or vegetables. Here are three smoothie recipes that can help to keep [...]

The Best Juices that People on a Diet Should Drink

The juice diet, which is also called the juice fast, refers to the use of liquefied raw fruits or vegetables as substitute for solid food for the consumption of people who are on a diet. Many people resort to the juice diet to lose weight. They also use it to perform cleansing on some of [...]

Herbal and Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common problem especially among the the people who are 40 years old and beyond. It is characterized by abnormally high pressure of the blood that circulates in the body. It is most commonly caused by unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, heredity, and accumulation of cholesterol in the arterial walls. [...]