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Health Risks of Eating Fatty Foods

Eating foods that are high in fats is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in America. It is one of the contributors to the 300,000 Americans deaths that occur due to poor diets. High-fat foods which include fried foods, butter, poultry products, red meats, sweets, and whole milk products are the number one [...]

5 Ways to Exercise without Really Trying

Exercise is an essential element of good health and sense of well-being. Everyone needs to engage in any form of physical activity to be able to stay physically and mentally alert. It helps to promote circulation, enhance the body’s oxygen supply, relieve stress, and strengthen your muscles. It also works to fortify your immune system [...]

The Health Benefits of Multi Vitamins

The fast pace of modern life has greatly affected our marketing and eating habits. It has deprived us of our usual desire to go to the market to buy foods that can keep us healthy and energized such as fresh fruits and vegetables. It also became the key for the establishment of fast food chains [...]

The Health Risks of Aluminum Exposure

Aluminum is one of the most abundant chemical elements in the world. It makes up eight percent of the earth’s surface. It is found in the soil, water, air and in plenty of food sources. It is also the most widely used non-ferrous metal on earth, and it is present in industrial products like automobiles, [...]

The Health Benefits of Pranayama

In yoga practice, pranayama is a breath control technique which helps to regulate energy flow and maintain energy balance in the body. It comes from two Sanskrit words prana which means life energy and ayama which means to restrain or to suspend. Yoga practitioners use the technique of taking healthy deep breaths to open up [...]

The Health Risks of Dehydration

Water is life. The fact that 70 percent of the earth is covered with water is a very logical occurrence. Water is abundant, but it is very surprising why many people are brought to the hospital due to dehydration. It is a condition which is characterized by the lack of water or fluids in the [...]

Important Things You Should Know Before Taking Herbal Supplements

Many people use herbal supplements on the premise that they are natural and cannot cause unpleasant effects. This could be true for some herbal products it can’t be use as basis for formulating a general rule. The first thing you need to consider before using herbal health products is that although they are taken from [...]

6 Benefits of Practicing Yoga Regularly

Yoga is a centuries old practice that has influenced the lives of millions of people not only in India where it originally started, but also in other counties around the world including the United States of America. It is an exercise that involves meditation and it actually works to provide physical and mental well-being. There [...]

Vitamins that are Essential for Energy Production

If you want to have energy that lasts for the entire day, you need to understand what vitamins can help to provide you with the power you need. And if you notice that you are feeling fatigue, lethargy and lack of energy, you may be deficient in at least one of the essential vitamins that [...]

The Health Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil is oil extracted from the dried young leaves of the Patchouli herb, a perennial, bushy plant native to Malaysia and India. It is a thick oil that is light yellow to dark brown in color, and it has a rich musky-sweet and strong spicy smell. The patchouli herb has many health benefits [...]