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How to Stay Healthy as a Senior Citizen

Aging is a condition that everything in this world cannot avoid. Everything grows old all things deteriorate in the passage of time. People have done so many things to discover the formula for staying young, but no one has found it; everyone is really destined to face the senior years of life. Since old age [...]

6 Health Benefits of Fiber

Dietary fiber or fiber refers to the plant cell wall components that are indigestible to humans and other mammals, but it plays an important role in the human digestion process. It aids in the body’s absorption of glucose to facilitate a slow and even supply of sugar in the blood cells. It also produces acids [...]

Health Risks of Eating Fatty Foods

Eating foods that are high in fats is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in America. It is one of the contributors to the 300,000 Americans deaths that occur due to poor diets. High-fat foods which include fried foods, butter, poultry products, red meats, sweets, and whole milk products are the number one [...]

6 Good Reasons Why You Should Juice

If juicing and eating vegetables deliver the same benefits, no one would have gone through the trouble of juicing them in the first place. Juicing is an excellent way of maximizing the nutritional benefits of vegetables without requiring the body to expend too much energy to digest and process them. It also allows people to [...]

The 9 Most Common Good and Bad Eating Habits

Healthy eating habits are essential for long life and avoidance from diseases such as hyperacidity, ulcer, obesity, and blood sugar problems. For the sake of good health, it is imperative to know which eating habits are making you sick and which are working well to provide you with the nourishment that you need. Here are [...]

5 Bad Eating Habits You Need to Dump

Bad eating habits are not uncommon in this day and age. Stress, the pressures of work, the hectic schedules, and our lack of consciousness for health all contribute to the development of poor eating habits. Bad eating habits are not good for your health. It doesn’t give you the benefits that a good diet can [...]

Health Risks of Vitamin B Complex Overdose

B complex vitamins are important nutrients that your body needs for health and energy. They are generally safe and they can not easily cause side effects because they are water soluble and your body flushes them out through urine if you happen to take them in excess. But since they are not regulated by the [...]

Herbs that Help to Lower Bad Cholesterol Levels

Before cholesterol was discovered, people around the world were already using herbs as a means to cure diseases and to relieve pains and discomforts. Cholesterol is a compound present in animal cells and body fluids and it is classified into two types, the good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol can accumulate in the arterial [...]

6 Easy Ways to Boost Energy

We all need energy for survival and we can only get from foods. But having energy for mere survival is not enough; we need to have more than sufficient power to be productive and to have stamina and endurance to face life’s daily challenges which include stress, health risks and physical and mental fatigue. Extra [...]

10 Common Kitchen Herbs that Fight Diseases

When we do marketing, we always make it a point to include herbs and spices because these are essential ingredients that help to make our food taste and smell at their best. We all know what these ingredients can do to enhance flavor but many of us do not realize that these cooking elements contain [...]