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How to Perform Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation which allows you to meditate even in the presence of distracting thoughts and feelings. Repetitive thoughts and distracting feelings are not uncommon when you meditate, but with mindfulness meditation, you will be able to acknowledge and observe them without reacting to them as they come into your mind. [...]

The Types of Music in Meditation

Music plays an important role in meditation. It can easily take you into a deep meditative state. But you have to know how to use it. The first step that you need to do to learn to use it is to know the different types of meditation music and their effect on you when you [...]

How to Prepare for Meditation

There are no rules on how to start and prepare your self for meditation, but it would be good to make yourself ready for it because it helps to condition your mind and body to go into a meditative state. You can actually start meditating immediately if you desire, but if you really want to [...]

The 8 Popular Types of Meditation

Meditation is a proven relaxation technique and spiritual practice and it has been used by people around the world for thousands of years. There are many types and techniques of meditation, but only a few of them have gained universal recognition and acceptance. The eight popular types of meditation include: 1. Candle Meditation This is [...]

The Benefits of Meditation to Athletes

Meditation is a habit that people from all walks of life can practice and benefit from. It can make people feel calm and relaxed. It has the capability to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps to improve concentration and mental power, and it also promotes inner peace, self-esteem and physical strength. Meditation is a common [...]

6 Good Reasons why You Need to Meditate

Many people meditate because it simply makes them feel great. But that should not be the only explanation why people meditate, as there should be good reasons why they feel that way. For the purpose of clarification, this article would like to give you some good reasons why you need to meditate. Here they are: [...]

The Advantages of Guided Meditation

In this age of stress and extreme pressures of everyday life, meditation has become one of the most effective forms of physical and mental relaxation. It has in fact caught the attention of many workers, housewives, mothers, and professionals because people have started to appreciate its benefits to the mind, body and spirit. One of [...]

5 Good Reasons Why Meditation is Good for You

Meditation is a mental exercise that helps to relax the body and mind. It relieves stress and it helps to free you from certain factors that bother you mentally. It is a personal activity that has the ability to give a person solace of the mind and inner peace. It is not in conflict with [...]

2 Methods of Meditation You can Practice

If you are new to meditation, you might wonder how people do it, or what methods they use to achieve inner peace and relaxation of the mind and body. To begin with, there are actually two major forms of meditation that people use to attain calmness of the mind, body and spirit. These are: 1. [...]

3 Easy Meditation Techniques for Beginners

If we are trying to learn new things, we often see them as complicated and baffling, and one of the ways we do to know more about them is to gather information by asking people who know something about those things. Meditation is one of the things that many people want to know more about, [...]